Yom Shishi, 27 Kislev 5778
Friday, December 15, 2017

The following members of Temple have shown their intent to remember

the Jewish Community in their estate plan:

Anonymous (2)                                                                                     

Mary Sue Austin

Billie & David Bankoff                                                                               

Doug & Sandy Barton                                                                    

Marzy & Joe Bauer                                                                         

Mara Boettcher                                                                               

Marsha Brook                                                                                                                                                   

Alan Brown & Tammie Blackman Brown                                                                

Ben & Francie Davis                                                                       

Gail (z”l)* & Alan Dowty

William & Leslie Gitlin

Marjorie & Paul Goldwin

Carol & Craig Kapson                                                              

Sandra & Danny Levine

Jo-Anne & Bill Lopatin

Ruth (z"l)* & Joseph Markley

Lauren Nassau

Geoff Newman

Bob & Debbie Rosenfeld

Pam Rubenstein

Diane & Bill Sarnat

Patricia Schlossberg

Leah Silver (z"l)*

Lynda B. & Charles S. Simon

Charles & Nancy Stanton

Mitch & Monika Wayne

Myrna & Robert Wolosin

Cheryl & David Ziker 

Judy & Mort Ziker

*Zichrona livracha - may her memory be for a blessing

If you would like some information about doing your part to secure Temple for future generations, and would like to join those who are listed above, please contact Doug Barton, Joe Bauer, or  Mara Boettcher.  You'll feel good that you did.

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