2020 Kurt & Tessye Simon Scholarship Fund-Undergraduate Renewal Application

Dear Simon Scholarship renewal applicant,

This package contains the forms you will need to submit in order to be considered for a renewal of your Simon Scholarship. Please fill them out carefully, and make sure everything that is required is included in your application, including financial information and recommendation letters (see pg. 9 for recommendation request form). As you fill them out, remember that the Scholarship Committee will consider the following when reviewing your application and deciding on whether you will be granted an award, as well as its amount: Academic performance*; activities that show a connection with the Jewish community such as involvement in a campus Jewish student group, teaching or volunteering at a local congregation, participating in a local/regional/national Jewish college program, or being involved with Israel; outside activities including employment; financial need, and recommendations. It is up to you to make the best case you can for your candidacy.

General Information:

  1. It is the applicant’s responsibility to prepare this material in folder form. Please avoid use of staples; use paper clips, if necessary, to keep pages together.
  2. Mail or deliver the application folder to the Scholarship Committee on or before April 17, 2020.

Please note that your completed application, including recommendation letters and transcript, must be received in the Temple office by April 17, 2020; tardy or incomplete applications will not be considered for awards.

Specific Data

The following should be included in the application folder:

  1. Application with essay and list of activities and work experience (pgs. 3-6)
  1. Financial aid information: Complete the applicant’s budget form and have your parent or guardian complete the parental financial analysis. (See forms pgs. 7-8) All financial aid information will be kept confidential and will be seen only by Scholarship Committee members.
  1. Two current letters of recommendation; the committee will not consider recommendations that are not from the current academic year. (See forms pgs. 9-10)
  1. Transcript of post high-school record

* Unless there are extenuating circumstances, a B average or better is considered adequate academic performance for a Simon Scholar.




Application must be received in the Temple office by April 17, 2020

Mail application to:



SOUTH BEND, IN 46601-1119

2020 Undergrad Renewal Application_RJW