About Our Sisterhood

The primary purpose of the Sisterhood is to function as an integral affiliate of the Temple in its religious, educational, philanthropic, and financial activities.  Since its inception in 1905, our Sisterhood has endeavored to adhere with great dedication to this purpose, and to foster through its work a closer bond of friendship between its members.


Through affiliation with Women of Reform Judaism an international organization of more than 60,000 women belonging to over 600 Sisterhoods, we contribute as an active force in serving Jewish and humanitarian causes worldwide.


Sisterhood is important to our Temple and is represented on the Temple’s Executive Board and on many of its committees.  We share in the responsibility for maintaining the Religious School by providing the salaries for all of the teachers.  We organize and sponsor youth activities and send “We Care” packages to our college students.  Sisterhood women provide the Oneg Shabbat following each service. We enhance the holidays with family celebrations, dinners, and prayer/study lunches.


Striving to strengthen our own Jewish identity, we sponsor educational programs, discussion groups, and our annual Sisterhood Shabbat Service.  Outreach activities are also sponsored by Sisterhood.


Sisterhood gives financial support to the Youth, Education, and Special Projects Fund (Y.E.S. Fund) of Women of Reform Judaism, Olin-Sang-Ruby Camp, GUCI Camp, the Jewish Braille Institute and the World Union for Progressive Judaism.  Through personal donations, we maintain and administer several local funds: The Friend Caring Fund, The Youth and College Student Fund, and L’Havdil—our caring committee fund which provides extraordinary services to Temple families in need, as well as packages and visits to home-bound  members.  Sisterhood also maintains the Temple’s kitchen.


In order to meet our budget for the services we provide, Sisterhood operates a Catering Service for B’nei Mitzvah, maintains a Judaica Shop, sells annual flowers, and crewels the Family Tree of Life.


The Sisterhood of Temple Beth-El meets at least monthly with luncheons, dinners, business meetings, trips, tours, and a variety of programs.  Our Sisterhood truly serves as an important gathering place for all Women of Reform Judaism.