Religious School Begins September 16, 2016

For 2016-17, Temple Beth El will shift into a combined Hebrew and Religious school day for our kindergarten through seventh graders, while our eighth and ninth graders begin a new combined educational program with students from Sinai Synagogue in South Bend.

This year we will add a new introductory level of Hebrew instruction by providing beginning training in language to our kindergarten through second graders. In addition we will provide three other graduated Hebrew levels designed to match the experience level of our students.

While last year we alternated Hebrew and Religious instruction by week, this year each weekly session will be divided between them.

For the eighth and ninth graders Temple Beth El and Sinai Synagogue have joined forces to provide instruction that should enhance the experience of our students both instructionally, culturally, and socially. Topics include social justice, community history, and the environment.

The year begins September 11, 2016 and concludes March 26, 2017.

Sid Shroyer